Beagles are one of the most popular breeds because of their personalities and skills. However, there are a growing number of homeless beagles in kill shelters because people don’t bother to research the breed before they go out and buy a puppy. Hopefully, once you read over the following information, you will become better acquainted with the Beagle and decide whether or not it is the breed for you and your family.


  • Great family pets (but kids have a tendancy to pull on their ears, which are very sensitive and thin, so young kids must be supervised).
  • Wonderful with other dogs- beagles are pack animals and just love to play with each other. We always recommend that beagles go to a home where there is already at least one other dog. Ideally, two beagles should be adopted together because they will enjoy each other’s sniffing and snoozing capabilities!
  • Very social personality- if you are gone all day and your beagle will be home by himself, he will most likely have behavior problems due to boredom and depression.
  • People lovers- you will find that your beagle is your biggest fan! He will want to be with you when you’re home and get very upset when you leave. Beagles are one of the top breeds that suffer from separation anxiety, and there are many things you can do to help your beagle become accustomed to being home alone for short periods of time.


  • Short coat- easily managed with weekly brushing. As with most dogs, beagles to shed but if you brush them regularly, shedding will be kept to a minimum.
  • Easy upkeep- beagles have very sensitive skin and secrete their own “hound” oils for their skin care. Unless your beagle rolls in something really stinky, he will only need a bath every couple of months. When you do shampoo, use a oatmeal or sensitive skin variety.
  • Small in size- there are two types of beagles, 13″ and 15″ breed standards. There is not much physical difference between the two, besides height and a small weight difference. The 13″ beagles range in weight from 22-30 lbs, and the 15″ beagles range from 25-35lbs. Of course, our rule of thumb is, if your beagle plays his cards right, he’ll end up with more cookies than he should have, and will always end up on the high end of the weight range!

Tricky Beagle Stunts

  • Originators of “puppy dog eyes”- the whole concept of “puppy dog eyes” originated with a beagle… we swear! All a beagle has to do is look up at you with those weepy, sad, woe-is-me eyes and you’re like putty in his hands…. er, paws. He will get treats, extra playtime, special toys, etc. Of course, most beagle owners already know this and it is one of the great pluses of having a beagle. You’ve got a real-live drama queen in your own home!
  • Kitty poop- well, this isn’t just an icky practice of beagles.. most dogs like to “dig” in the kitty litter. It’s like Russell Stovers to them…
  • “Sudden deafness?”- a common scenario: you’re walking your beagle and he starts the snort, he snorts and snorts, and pretty soon, you’re being led into bushes, the neighbor’s tree, maybe into a small pond. Ok, not that bad, but your beagle will get on “a scent” and GO. He will conveniently forget that you’re there…and then have what we like to call “sudden deafness.” No matter how many times you call him, offer treats or promises of a rabbit chase when you get home, he will have turned off his ears and turned up his nose. Be ready.